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Amphenol GP-IE156327SS-000.5 Shielded GPIB Cable (IEEE-488 Cable) w / Stackable GPIB Connectors (24-pin M / F) 0.5m

Product: GP-IE156327SS-000.5

UPC Code: 812834022147

Buy 0.5m Amphenol GP-IE156327SS-000.5 Cables Direct from the Factory at Cables on Demand. Deluxe IEEE-488 GPIB cables by Amphenol combine single shielded 95% copper braid and dual-layer mylar foil for the perfect balance of light-weight flexibility and EMI/RFI resistance. Each Deluxe GPIB Cable is precision cut to length and expertly assembled using original Amphenol stackable CN24 24-pin Centronics Male/Female GPIB connectors. Available in a variety of lengths to meet your specific application requirements. HPIB Compatible. Note: Other cable lengths from this same part number series, if available, will be also be displayed with their corresponding list prices. OEM-customized length, color and label options available by request.
Part Number Color Length Quantity Available / Availability Quantity Unit Price
GP-IE156327SS-000.3 Gray 0.3m 25 / In stock EA
1-50 $72.35 /EA
51+ $68.73 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-000.5 Gray 0.5m 110 / In stock EA
1-50 $74.82 /EA
51+ $71.08 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-001 Gray 1m 105 / In stock EA
1-50 $79.36 /EA
51+ $75.39 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-002 Gray 2m 28 / In stock EA
1-50 $92.15 /EA
51+ $87.54 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-003 Gray 3m 23 / In stock EA
1-50 $96.88 /EA
51+ $92.04 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-004 Gray 4m 0 / Out of stock EA
1-50 $99.25 /EA
51+ $94.29 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-005 Gray 5m 18 / In stock EA
1-50 $182.68 /EA
51+ $173.55 /EA
GP-IE156327SS-006 Gray 6m 0 / Out of stock EA
1-50 $198.66 /EA
51+ $188.73 /EA
  • Deluxe Shielded IEEE-488 GPIB Cable by Amphenol (HPIB Cable)
  • Available for 2-Weeks Only: All Orders of $175 or Higher will Receive a FREE $40 OFF Discount at Checkout Automatically Thru 2/15!
  • Precision-Built by the Original Inventor of the GPIB Connector: Amphenol
  • Single 95% Copper Braid Shield + Dual Layer Aluminum Mylar Foil Shields
  • Perfect Compromise Between EMI/RFI Performance and Cable Flexibility
  • 26 AWG twisted pair conductors with 24K Gold-plated contacts
  • Genuine Amphenol die-cast stackable connector backshell system