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Data Center Cable Solutions
Cables on Demand is the online leader for in stock high performance Data Center cables. Buy factory direct Fiber Optic or CAT5e/6 Patch Cords, Telco Cables, Fibre Channel, SAS & SCSI Data Storage Cables & scalable 4G/10G/40G products including CX4, SFP, SFP+ & QSFP.



25/100-Gigabit Ethernet Tech
With the combined R&D and manufacturing resources of 6 Amphenol divisions, Amphenol High Speed Interconnects is the first major interconnect company to release 25GbE SFP28 and 100GbE QSFP28 Cables online with its exclusive partnership with Amphenol Cables on Demand!



Home Theater AV Cable Center
Leading OEMs like TiVo bundle Amphenol HDMI Cables with their A/V gear. Amphenol HDMI cables exceed HDMI 1.3 & HDMI 1.4 cable specs, ensuring compatibility with current and future-gen HDTV's. Buy your HDMI Cables factory-direct from Amphenol, the world's 2nd largest HDMI cable maker! 



Get 28 Percent OFF High Speed
28% OFF SALE: Save Today on ALL Amphenol High Speed Copper Cables, whether it's SFP+ Direct Attach Cables for 10-Gigabit Ethernet, QSFP+ for 40-GbE, QSFP28 or even the NEW 200G/400G rated QSFP-DD (Double Density) and OSFP line of products!



25% OFF Coaxial Cable SALE
Save Today with your choice of limited time discounts. Use Coupon Code CABLE25 at checkout and receive a FREE 25% OFF discount towards all of our Coaxial Cables! We sell only the very best Genuine Amphenol-brand cables at Cables on Demand.