QSFP-DD Cables • OSFP Cables

QSFP-DD Cables • OSFP Cables [25% OFF SALE] -- Supporting next generation data throughput in excess of 400-Gigabits per second, Amphenol is pleased to be the first interconnect manufacturer to offer the newly released QSFP-DD (QSFP Double Density) and OSFP (Octal SFP) family of products to the public -- exclusively at Amphenol Cables on Demand!  Available in both passive copper cable assemblies as well as loopback adapter modules, our QSFP-DD and OSFP products exceed all applicable standards for guaranteed compatibility with emerging high speed signal standards such as 200-Gigabit Ethernet, 400-Gigabit Ethernet and HDR InfiniBand.

With the rising number of data centers, there has been a burgeoning need for higher bandwidths, signal speeds, and density connections. Plus rapid advances in the capabilities of data centers have translated into complex designs and configurations. The growing demand compelled the need for the Small Form Factor (SFF) committee to set up the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). The MSA establishes the standards based on which connectors, network components, and devices that are interoperable can be built. 

QSFP-DD Cables

The QSFP-DD can best be described as a double-density QSFP transceiver, which supports the 200 GbE and 400 GbE Ethernet. As such, the QSFP Double Density system and cable assemblies offer a high-density interconnect. It’s a great option for meeting the rising demand for a higher bandwidth of telecommunication and data centers. In data centers, it can be used for both servers and storage. Its telecommunication and networking applications include cellular infrastructure, central offices, multi-platform service systems, routers, servers, and switches.

With 8 lanes that deliver up to 25Gb/s NRZ modulation or 50Gb/s PAM4 modulation, the QSFP-DD offers double lane density as compared to the 2x1 QSFP form factor. The best part is that with the QSFP-DD, you don’t have to wait for new cables as it supports not only upgraded plugs but also legacy cables.

OSFP Cables

The Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable (OSFP) is a recent module and interconnecting system to be used for optical data links in data centers and campuses. As the latest evolution of the SFF range, the OSFP interface has a wide scope of applications. It’s designed to support 400-G optical data links. 

Our OSFP product lineup is designed to offer a comprehensive and integrated link solution. It features DAC copper cables, AOCs, stacked and ganged board connector and cage solutions. All of our OSFP products offer an aggregate bandwidth of 200Gb/s - 400Gb/s per port. This bandwidth is possible because they effectively double the 8 25Gb/s lanes, resulting in the ability to support short reach, short range or long range cabling applications.

Which to Use - the OSFP or the QSFP-DD?

The size of the OSFP module is wider and deeper than that of the QSFP-DD. As a result it occupies more PCB surface area, which explains why there are only 32 ports per IU box faceplate for OSFP modules compared to the 36 ports of the QSFP-DD. The disadvantage of the OSFP is that its large size may not correspond to adequate power and cooling advantages. On the other hand, the QSFP-DD connection system offers a great density and capability for four extra ports.

So the obvious question is should you be using the OSFP or QSFP-DD? Well, it really depends on your specific application. Based on the application at hand, the ideal choice may vary pertaining to the required power, performance, panel density, and of course budget needs.

Browse our collection of QSFP-DD and OSFP cables above. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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