We often receive inquiries from customers who ask to order exclusively through licensed electronic component catalog distributors, whether due to company policy, pre-existing business relationships, EDI/API  integration or just the personal preference of the planner/buyer/engineer.  In other instances, customers may have an urgent requirement for a specific product of ours that happens to be out-of-stock on our website.  Distribution offers such customers an alternate means of tracking down and procuring these products under such circumstances.   


At Cables on Demand, we want to ensure customers have as many purchasing options as possible when it comes to procuring our industry-leading selection of factory-direct Amphenol-brand cable assemblies and accessories. As a result, we're pleased to have official partnerships with some of the world's most respected electronics components distributors, where the vast majority of our product catalog is in-stock and available for immediate purchase.  


Please feel free to view the current distributor inventory of available Amphenol Cables on Demand products by clicking on our distribution partners' respective logos below.  Our officially licensed distributors include Digi-Key Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark Electronics and Amazon.com (Amazon Prime).  NOTE: While the logos for Digi-Key, Mouser and Newark link directly to master product catalog pages, in the case of Amazon, you must type the part number(s) you're looking for into the Amazon.com search box on an item-by-item basis.



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