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OSFP 400G Loopback Adapter Module for OSFP Port Testing - 0dB Attenuation & 0W Power Consumption [400-Gigabit Ethernet Ready]

Product: SF-NLMAMB0001-0001

Genuine Amphenol 400G OSFP loopback adapter modules provide the ideal 400-Gigabit Ethernet rated port testing solution for OSFP enabled ports (50.0 Gbps x 8 channels). This low-profile passive OSFP 400G loopback cable features typical insertion loss (attenuation) characteristics of a mere 0dB; consuming no more than 0.0 Watts of power in the process. Compatible with both copper and optical OSFP enabled ports, our loopbacks perfectly replicate the performance range typical of a short-length OSFP 400-Gigabit connection between the latest OSFP equipped adapter cards, blade servers, routers, and switches. Protocol-independent design ensures compatibility with all present and emerging signal standards, including 400-Gigabit Ethernet, HDR InfiniBand, SONET and beyond.
1-50 $75.08
51+ $71.33
Part Number Color Length Quantity Available / Availability Quantity
SF-NLMAMB0001-0001 Silver N/A 70 / In stock
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•Quickly test your network's 400G OSFP ports with our OSFP Loopback
•Protocol-independent design works with copper and optical OSFP ports
•Loopback module features 0dB attenuation and 0W power consumption
•Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable (OSFP) MSA compliant design
•Guaranteed drop-in replacement for competing OEM OSFP Loopbacks
•Integrated SFF-compliant OSFP connector body w/ low-profile loopback tab
•Perfect for testing 400-Gigabit Ethernet and HDR InfiniBand hardware
•Transparent 0dB operation duplicates a real short-length cable connection
•0.0W power consumption ensures your host bus is not overloaded
•RoHS compliant design for guaranteed environmental safety
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