Amphenol AV-THLIN2BNCM-007.5 Thin-line Coaxial Cable - BNC Male / BNC Male (SDI Compatible) 7.5ft

Product: AV-THLIN2BNCM-007.5

UPC Code: 812834027890

Buy 7.5ft Amphenol AV-THLIN2BNCM-007.5 Cables Factory-Direct: This low-profile thin-line (RG179) BNC to BNC coaxial cable assembly features a much smaller diameter than standard RG59, allowing greater installation flexibility. Despite its small size, the proper 75 ohm impedance is maintained to ensure optimal signal transfer. These fully shielded cables feature molded BNC connector terminations for strain relief purposes. Ideal for short runs, these cables are excellent for connecting video displays, processors, and amplifiers with BNC type jacks. Note: Other cable lengths from this same part number series, if available, will be also be displayed with their corresponding list prices. OEM-customized length, color and label options available by request.
Part Number Color Length Qty Available / Availability Qty Unit Price
AV-THLIN2BNCM-002.5 Black 2.5ft 192 / In stock EA
1-50 $10.05 /EA
51+ $9.55 /EA
AV-THLIN2BNCM-005 Black 5ft 62 / In stock EA
1-50 $11.76 /EA
51+ $11.17 /EA
AV-THLIN2BNCM-007.5 Black 7.5ft 76 / In stock EA
1-50 $13.42 /EA
51+ $12.75 /EA
AV-THLIN2BNCM-010 Black 10ft 210 / In stock EA
1-50 $15.22 /EA
51+ $14.46 /EA
AV-THLIN2BNCM-015 Black 15ft 43 / In stock EA
1-50 $18.49 /EA
51+ $17.57 /EA
AV-THLIN2BNCM-025 Black 25ft 204 / In stock EA
1-50 $25.07 /EA
51+ $23.82 /EA
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  • Thin-line RG179 coaxial cable with BNC male connectors
  • Fully shielded design for excellent EMI/RFI interference suppression
  • 75 Ohm impedance matched BNC connectors ideal for RF/Broadband use
  • Enjoy unmatched routing flexibility - perfect for high-definition SDI signals
  • Available in multiple lengths to meet your application requirements
  • RoHS compliant