VHDCI - SCSI Cables (SCSI-5)

VHDCI - SCSI Cables (SCSI-5 Cables) from Amphenol Cables on Demand -- The SCSI Leader in Business Computing Applications. Amphenol's VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) SCSI cable designs have been selected as the interconnect of choice among the leaders in business computing. VHDCI SCSI cables by Amphenol feature stackable backshells and high performance low-skew wire construction. Ideal for the latest generation of Ultra160/Ultra320 (SCSI-5) compliant SCSI controllers and drives with blazing fast 320MB/s data transfer support.

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SCSI-5 (VHDCI) to SCSI-3 Cable - VHDCI .8mm 68-pin Male to HPDB68 (HD68) 68-pin Male
VHDCI SCSI (SCSI-5) LVD / SE Cable - .8mm 68-pin VHDCI SCSI Male to Male