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QSFP-DD 400G Loopback Adapter Module for QSFP-DD Port Testing - 0dB Attenuation & 0W Power Consumption [400-Gigabit Ethernet Ready]

Product: SF-NLNAMB0001-0001

Genuine Amphenol 400G QSFP-DD (QSFP Double Density) loopback adapter modules provide the ideal 400-Gigabit Ethernet/HDR InfiniBand rated port testing solution for QSFP-DD enabled ports (28.0 Gbps x 8 channels -- 8X). This low-profile passive QSFP-DD 400G loopback cable features typical insertion loss (attenuation) characteristics of a mere 0dB; consuming no more than 0.0 Watts of power in the process. Compatible with both copper and optical QSFP28 enabled ports, our loopbacks perfectly replicate the performance range typical of a short-length QSFP-DD 400-Gigabit connection between the latest QSFP-DD equipped adapter cards, blade servers, routers, and switches. Protocol-independent design ensures compatibility with all present and emerging signal standards, including 400-Gigabit Ethernet (400GbE), 8x HDR InfiniBand, SONET and beyond.  Backwards compatible with all previous QSFP standards including QSFP+, QSFP28 and 200G QSFP-DD.
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51+ $57.87
Part Number Color Length Quantity Available / Availability Quantity
SF-NLNAMB0001-0001 Silver N/A 261 / In stock
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•Test your network's 200G/400G QSFP-DD ports with our QSFP-DD loopback
•Protocol-independent design works with copper or optical QSFP-DD ports
•Loopback module features 0dB attenuation and 0W power consumption
•Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable DD (QSFP-DD) MSA compliant design
•Guaranteed drop-in replacement for competing OEM QSFP-DD Loopbacks
•Integrated INF-8628 QSFP-DD connector body w/ low-profile loopback tab
•Perfect for testing 400-Gigabit Ethernet and HDR InfiniBand hardware
•Transparent 0dB operation duplicates a real short-length cable connection
•0.0W power consumption ensures your host bus is not overloaded
•RoHS compliant design for guaranteed environmental safety
•Available direct from the Amphenol factory exclusively at Cables on Demand
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