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Amphenol CN-DSUBHD62PN-000 High-Density D-Subminiature (HD62 Male D-Sub) Connector, 62-Position Pin Contacts, Solder-Cup Terminals

Product: CN-DSUBHD62PN-000

With hundreds of thousands of Genuine Amphenol D-Subminiature (D-Sub) Cables now in circulation since their initial 2006 debut, we've received numerous requests to expand our D-Sub Catalog to include D-Subminiature (D-Sub) Connectors!  To do this, we've partnered with the same Amphenol factory that produces our popular and long-standing D-Subminiature (D-Sub) Cable Assemblies. In order to provide our customers with the all of the critical components they would need to form a complete D-Sub Signal I/O pathway in their designs, we've updated our d-sub catalog to now include D-Sub Connectors!

D-Sub Connectors from Amphenol Cables on Demand are available now in both the male and female connector gender variants, along with every industry-standard d-subminiature (d-sub) pin-count/density /layout configuration on the market today. This includes all standard density D-Subminiature Connectors (9-Position DB9, 15-Position DB15, 25-Position DB25, 37-Position DB37 and 50-Position DB50). as well as high-density (HD) D-Subminiature Connectors (15-Position HD15, 26-Position HD26, 44-Position HD44, 62-Position HD62 and 78-Position HD78). 

Our d-sub connector rear-entry solder-cup termination system is electrically and mechanically superior to all alternatives on the market that rely on inferior crimp-based contacts. This assertion of solder-cup termination superiority is further supported by our exclusive use of solder-cup wire terminations on every D-Sub Cable design ever offered here at Amphenol Cables on Demand.  Beyond the advantages listed above, our solder-cup style d-subs offer far greater design and installation flexibility by supporting a wide-range of compatible wire sizes. We've optimized our new d-sub connector line-up specifically for use with 22-AWG to 30-AWG insulated wire, which, at present, is well within the design parameters defined by 99% of the real-world d-sub applications on the market today.

It should be noted that our newly-released line-up of d-subminiature products are in no way restricted in their utility towards RS-232 Serial Data I/O applications exclusively.  In fact, the majority of our d-sub customers have elected to use d-subs in proprietary (Non-RS-232) applications that may utilize an alternative low-speed data transfer protocol in the circuitry, such as 1-Megabit or 10-Megabit Ethernet, that can still operate, albeit over shorter distances, by using unconventional interconnect pathways like d-subs. As an added bonus, the common-use of connectorized components throughout our entire d-sub product range will ensure that all signal transition-points along the I/O chain, where d-sub cables and d-sub connectors inter-mate, will provide both superior electrical continuity as well as enhanced mechanical stability, the latter of which is provided by the fully-removable set of jack-screws / stand-offs that we include, at no charge, alongside every d-sub cable and/or connector product shipped.

1-50 $6.95 /EA
51+ $6.60 /EA
Part Number Color Length Qty Available / Availability Qty
CN-DSUBHD62PN-000 Silver (Shell) Black (Insert) N/A 49 / In stock EA
  • Fall Savings! Enjoy $100 off orders over $450.
  • 62-Position High Density (HD62 Male) D-Subminiature (D-Sub) Solder-Cup Connector by Amphenol
  • Connector-Type: HD62 Male Plug D-Sub Connector (Contacts = Pins)
  • Termination Type: Rear-of-Connector Solder-Cup Terminals
  • Wire Support: Optimized for 22-AWG to 30-AWG Wire
  • Insert Type: Glass-Reinforced UV-Resistant Thermoplastic
  • Contact Type: Machined Contact with Electro-Plated Shell Supports 500+ Mating Cycles
  • Application Type: Ideal for Chassis Mount / Bulkhead or In-Line (i.e. for Cable Assembly
  • Electrical Characteristics: Rated to 300V (AC/DC) with up to 1.25A Current per Contact
  • RoHS compliant

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