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Amphenol MP-6A28GNSYLW-007 Slim Category-6a (Thin CAT6a) UTP 28-AWG Network Patch Cable (650-MHz) with Snagless RJ45 Connectors - Yellow 7ft

Product: MP-6A28GNSYLW-007

Buy 7ft Amphenol MP-6A28GNSYLW-007 Cables Direct from the Factory at Cables on Demand. Amphenol's NEW 28-AWG Slim Category-6a (Thin CAT6a) Network Patch Cables (Color: Yellow) are designed with a dramatic reduction of cable diameter (over 33%), enabling IT professionals improved cable routing flexibility and enhanced airflow in today's high-density server rack environments. We’ve combined our class-leading, reduced-diameter (4.1mm OD), 100%-pure stranded copper conductor (4-pair), 28 AWG UTP Slim CAT6a Cable with a protective Yellow cable jacket and precision-matched CAT6a-rated RJ-45 connectors with an integrated over-molded snagless strain relief boot for ultimate durability. Unlike many inferior competing Slim CAT-6a Patch Cords on the market, ours are fully qualified to meet and exceed the newly ratified TIA/EIA standards for 28-AWG CAT6a data cabling, which is an absolute pre-requisite for PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatibility over reduced-diameter (thin-line) CAT6a products.In order for standard CAT6a Cable (24-AWG UTP) to support the high-bandwidth (500-MHz minimum) throughput of 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T), cross-talk between pairs had to be mitigated by one of two methods – either shielding the individual twisted pairs, or using a physical pair separator (spline) within the cable. Failure to utilize one of these critical design parameters will yield a cable that is effectively no better than the inferior 100-MHz rated Category-5e standard. Our own R&D efforts revealed that nearly 90% of the “Slim CAT6a” products being sold lack these critical design parameters altogether, misleading consumers into buying the inferior equivalent of a “Slim CAT5e” cable instead. All Amphenol-brand 28-AWG Slim CAT6a Cables use the requisite pair separator alongside another CAT6A-exclusive feature, a tight-wrapped polyethylene (PE) jacket surrounding each wire pair for additional cross-talk and SKEW suppression; providing true CAT6a performance that is verified via TIA/EIA Certified CAT6a qualification equipment prior to shipment from the factory. Enjoy your choice of 1ft, 3ft, 5ft, 7ft, 10ft and 14ft lengths. Note: Other cable lengths from this same part number series, if available, will be also be displayed with their corresponding list prices. OEM-customized length, color and label options available by request.
Part Number Color Length Qty Available / Availability Qty Unit Price
MP-6A28GNSYLW-001 46 / In stock EA
1-50 $3.15 /EA
51+ $2.99 /EA
MP-6A28GNSYLW-003 0 / Out of stock EA
1-50 $4.08 /EA
51+ $3.88 /EA
MP-6A28GNSYLW-005 21 / In stock EA
1-50 $4.97 /EA
51+ $4.72 /EA
MP-6A28GNSYLW-007 34 / In stock EA
1-50 $5.85 /EA
51+ $5.56 /EA
MP-6A28GNSYLW-010 49 / In stock EA
1-50 $7.23 /EA
51+ $6.87 /EA
MP-6A28GNSYLW-014 21 / In stock EA
1-50 $9.04 /EA
51+ $8.59 /EA
  • Slim Category-6a (Thin Cat6a) UTP 28-AWG Network Patch Cable by Amphenol (Yellow)
  • Buy Direct from the Industry Leader: Amphenol is the Leading Supplier of CAT5e/6/6a to Dell & HP
  • Current Promotion -- Enjoy $100.00 OFF Online Orders Over $500.00 Automatically at Checkout Thru 5/16
  • Enjoy a 33% reduction in cable diameter over standard 24-AWG Cat6a patch cords 
  • Thin low-profile (4.1mm) cable OD design provides improved cable routing options and enhanced airflow
  • Every single cable sold is Cat6a compliance tested prior to shipment for guaranteed reliability and network compatibility 
  • Designed to double the 250MHz CAT-6a TIA/EIA bandwidth requirement (10GBASE-T)
  • Fully optimized for both 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet and 10GBASE-T 10-Gigabit Ethernet
  • TRUE Cat6a rated design via integrated mechanical pair separator (spline) for enhanced cross-talk performance
  • Fully conforms to the newly-published TIA/EIA standards for 28-AWG Cat6a cabling
  • 28-AWG pure-copper stranded wire conductors offer full PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability
  • Thin 4.1mm  OD molded PVC jacket (Yellow) with low-profile snagless boot for added durability
  • Future-proof and reverse compatible with Cat5e cabling and equipment - an ideal upgrade
  • TIA/EIA568B compatible with all RJ45 jack configurations
  • 4-pair 28 AWG UTP unshielded twisted pair pure copper stranded wire construction
  • Featuring performance-matched Category-6a rated RJ45 connectors with Gold plated contacts
  • Built-in pair separator prevents interference from adjacent-pair cross-talk and pair-to-pair SKEW
  • Available in various popular lengths including 1ft, 3ft, 5ft, 7ft, 10ft and 14ft cables
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Reach Compliant
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