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Amphenol MP-52RJ11UNNE-005 CAT5e 2-Pair RJ11 Data Cable [AT&T U-Verse & Verizon FiOS Data Cable] - CAT5e PBX Patch Cable with 6P6C RJ11 Connectors (Straight-Thru) 5ft

Product: MP-52RJ11UNNE-005

Buy 5ft Amphenol MP-52RJ11UNNE-005 Cables Direct from the Factory at Cables on Demand. Initially designed for legacy PBX phone systems, this CAT5e 2-pair data cable with RJ11 connectors has proven popular with AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS customers who need to extend the length of the data connection between the wall jack and their cable/dsl modem. AT&T and Verizon use fiber optics only to the neighborhood switch-boxes. These switch boxes then convert the fiber optic signal over to an ADSL signal which traverses regular home/business copper phone lines. Regular flat RJ11 telephone cords are not meant for high-speed data, so they will not work with AT&T or Verizon. Instead, you need a special phone cord that uses data-grade CAT5e wire with two twisted pairs. We offer this exact cable below in lengths up to 100 feet. Now you can relocate your modem up to 100 feet away without compromising your high-speed internet bandwidth. Note: Other cable lengths from this same part number series, if available, will be also be displayed with their corresponding list prices. OEM-customized length, color and label options available by request.
Part Number Color Length Qty Available / Availability Qty Unit Price
MP-52RJ11UNNE-002 Beige 2ft 2934 / In stock EA
1-50 $2.76 /EA
51+ $2.62 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-003 Beige 3ft 168 / In stock EA
1-50 $2.97 /EA
51+ $2.82 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-005 Beige 5ft 497 / In stock EA
1-50 $3.26 /EA
51+ $3.10 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-007 Beige 7ft 0 / Out of stock EA
1-50 $3.67 /EA
51+ $3.49 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-010 Beige 10ft 13 / In stock EA
1-50 $4.15 /EA
51+ $3.94 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-015 Beige 15ft 227 / In stock EA
1-50 $5.51 /EA
51+ $5.23 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-025 Beige 25ft 61 / In stock EA
1-50 $6.91 /EA
51+ $6.56 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-050 Beige 50ft 826 / In stock EA
1-50 $10.39 /EA
51+ $9.87 /EA
MP-52RJ11UNNE-100 Beige 100ft 98 / In stock EA
1-50 $18.00 /EA
51+ $17.10 /EA
  • CAT5e 2-Pair RJ11 Data Cable for AT&T U-Verse & Verizon FiOS
  • Current Promotion -- Enjoy $100.00 OFF Online Orders Over $500.00 Automatically at Checkout Thru 5/16
  • Extends the connection between the phone jack and cable/dsl modem
  • Adds up to 100 feet to the connection without compromising bandwidth
  • CAT5e rated wire with 2 twisted pairs fights interference and cross-talk
  • 50-Micron Gold plated RJ11 modular connectors for universal compatibility
  • 24AWG stranded wires for flexibility, durability and interference rejection
  • Fall also be used with legacy PBX phone networks with RJ11 connections
  • Available in lengths ranging from 2 to 100 feet
  • Shielded version also available -- search for part # MP-52RJ11SNNE
  • RoHS compliant

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