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Amphenol’s Active Optical Cable Group specializes in High-Speed Active Optical Cable Assemblies for Network and Storage applications in high-density datacenter environments.  Active Optical Cables (AOC’s) are effectively an end-to-end optical datalink consisting of one or more Optical Transceiver Modules on each cable end, connected together by a fixed-length laser-welded fiber optic patch cable.  The application itself will dictate precisely which optical mode wire is needed, i.e. OM3 or OM4, which may vary with extremely long link distances.


The Active Optical Cable Group is offering our customers at Amphenol Cables on Demand (ACD) an unparalleled opportunity to purchase their choice of Active Optical Cable products; available in over a dozen configurations and supported by the industry’s most flexible ultra-rapid production and fulfillment capacity.  It gets better – For any fulfillment requirements that cannot be accommodated with existing factory-stocked cable assets, Active Optical Cables can be built-to-order in rapid-fashion.  This translates to lead-times ranging anywhere from 2-weeks to 4-weeks, depending upon the part number(s) ordered.


We’ve created this accompanying Ultra-Rapid RFQ Quote Request platform to quickly and easily facilitate these factory-direct production Active Optical Cable (AOC) runs. AOC products eligible for this expedited production and fulfillment program include Amphenol unique brand of HD Mini-SAS (SAS 3.0 48.0-Gbps) Active Optical Cables, Typical HD Mini-SAS Cables are designed around a passive copper cable architecture. While copper cables satisfy the vast majority of usage scenarios, they are not viable for links longer than 5m (16.4ft) in length.


In a high-density racked network storage environment, copper cables often present a challenge when trying to maintain good server airflow and orderly wire management. Active Optical HD Mini-SAS Cables solve these problems entirely as their integrated laser drivers and pre-installed OM3 Multi-Mode Fiber permit link lengths up to 50-meters (164-feet), a massive ten-fold improvement over their copper cable counterparts. This is further enhanced by the inherent reduced profile and ultra-flexible nature of OM3 optical fiber; featuring a near-2/3rds reduction in effective wire diameter.


To facilitate your custom quote request, please fill out your contact details in the listed fields at the bottom of this page. There will be a general comments box where you can give us the following key parameters in an itemized list:


1.) The Amphenol Part Number of the specific Active Optical Cable configuration you would like to see quoted (i.e. P/N FOHHB23P00030 for 30-meter length HD Mini-SAS AOCfrom our master AOC Catalog chart, which you can view below (in integrated image format) or download it in its original Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format (.XLS).


2.) The quantity of the aforementioned Amphenol Part Number you would like to receive pricing for.


Finally, we support multiple payment methods including all major credit cards + PayPal.  However, these payment methods may prove less than ideal if the quantities of AOC products purchased exceed credit card account limits.  We are able to extend customers the ability to place Purchase Orders on credit terms (i.e. NET30) upon completion of our application packet and related credit-check prerequisites.  If you are interested in this, please specify if you would like to receive the credit terms application within the comments box section.


NOTE:  Should you require a cable with a unique length not currently shown on our master parts list, you can include a custom cable request as one of the quotable line-items.  Simply specify the cable length, jacket type, interface standard, etc. you require and we will see if a custom configuration can be accommodated  with available component inventory and production capacity.



Product FamilyPart NumberProduction StatusLength (M)OM3/OM4JacketEEPROM Program
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00003Rapid Production3OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00005Rapid Production5OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00006Rapid Production6OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00010Rapid Production10OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00012Rapid Production12OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23L00050Rapid Production50OM3LSZHOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00002Rapid Production2OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00004Rapid Production4OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00005Rapid Production5OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00006Rapid Production6OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00010Rapid Production10OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00015Rapid Production15OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00020Rapid Production20OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00025Rapid Production25OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00030Rapid Production30OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)
HD Mini-SASFOHHB23P00050Rapid Production50OM3PlenumOpen Source (Standard)


We look forward to supporting your Active Optical Cable needs via this innovative factory-direct fulfillment program! 


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