100G QSFP Loopbacks (QSFP28)

Check out our NEW exclusive 100G QSFP (QSFP28) Loopback Adapter Modules from Amphenol High Speed Interconnects -- by Amphenol for a Limited Time Only! The new 28.0 Gbps QSFP+ standard, popularly known as QSFP28, supports 4 x 28G channels for 100-Gigabit Ethernet applications in the same low-profile QSFP+ package you're familiar with! Our QSFP28 100G Loopbacks are offered in a variety of power and signal attenuation options to duplicate the operational characteristics of typical QSFP28 cable assemblies and optical modules -- perfect for testing QSFP28 compatible ports on the newest 100-Gigabit Ethernet and EDR InfiniBand switches, servers and host bus adapters.

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