Amphenol AV-SVHSDL4MMA-010 Premium Double Shielded S-Video (S-VHS) Cable - 75 Ohm Dual Coax with 24K Gold S-Video Connectors 10ft

Product: AV-SVHSDL4MMA-010

Buy 10ft Amphenol AV-SVHSDL4MMA-010 Cables Direct from the Factory at Cables on Demand. Premium Double Shielded S-Video (S-VHS) Cables by Amphenol provide a premier connection method for standard definition analog video sources such as SVHS VCR's, DVD's, cable and satellite receivers, Laser Discs, and DVR's. By distributing the chroma (color) and luma (brightness) content from the video signal over separate signal ground pairs, picture quality is improved dramatically. Problems typically found in composite video connections, such as dot crawl and color cross-talk, are nonexistent with S-video. Our premium S-Video cables are composed of dual double-shielded 75 ohm coaxial cable lines for optimal video signal integrity. Impedance matched 24K Gold-plated 4-pin DIN terminations provide a seamless signal termination path with minimal reflections. Note: Other cable lengths from this same part number series, if available, will be also be displayed with their corresponding list prices. OEM-customized length, color and label options available by request.
Part Number Color Length Qty Available / Availability Qty Unit Price
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-001 Black 1ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $10.74 /EA
51+ $10.20 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-002 Black 2ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $11.62 /EA
51+ $11.04 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-003 Black 3ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $12.45 /EA
51+ $11.83 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-005 Black 5ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $14.34 /EA
51+ $13.62 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-007.5 Black 7.5ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $16.55 /EA
51+ $15.72 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-010 Black 10ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $18.84 /EA
51+ $17.90 /EA
AV-SVHSDL4MMA-020 Black 20ft 0 / Discontinued
1-50 $27.68 /EA
51+ $26.30 /EA
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  • Premium S-Video (S-VHS) male to male connectors with 24K Gold plating
  • Fully molded interface for excellent strain relief
  • Separate shielded 75 Ohm coaxial cable lines for chroma and luma signals
  • Precision-matched 4-pin DIN connector terminations
  • Available in lengths ranging from 1 to 50 feet
  • RoHS compliant