Fibre Channel Cables

Fibre Channel Cables by Amphenol Cables on Demand [] -- We stock all major fibre channel cable types including HSSDB9, HSSDC, HSSDC2, & SFP versions in lengths up to 10m. Amphenol Fibre Channel cables support transfer rates of up to 4.25 Gbps, while providing maximum durability and protection against EMI/RFI. Our innovative connector designs maximize performance with controlled impedence, cross talk, and skew characteristics as well as excellent EMI isolation properties.

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HSS-DB9 2.125 Gbps 2X Fibre Channel Cable - HSSDB9 to HSSDB9 Male
HSSDC-HSSDB9 2.125 Gbps 2X Fibre Channel Cable - HSSDC to HSS-DB9 Male
HSSDC2 2.125 Gbps 2X Fibre Channel Cable - HSSDC2 to HSSDC2 Male